Décor Emporium Collaboration Terms and Conditions

These Collaboration Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) are entered into by and between Décor Emporium (“Company”) and the collaborator (“Collaborator”) engaging in a collaboration with Décor Emporium. By entering into a collaboration with Décor Emporium, Collaborator agrees to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Collaboration Scope
– The collaboration will focus on showcasing Décor Emporium products in a manner consistent with the brand’s aesthetic and values.
– Collaborator is expected to create and share high-quality content, including but not limited to images, videos, and written posts, featuring Décor Emporium products.

Product Selection
Décor Emporium will provide Collaborator with a selection of products for the collaboration. Collaborator may express preferences, but final product selection is at the discretion of Décor Emporium.
– Collaborator agrees to use the provided products exclusively for the collaboration and not for any other promotional activities without explicit consent from Décor Emporium.

Content Approval
– Collaborator agrees to submit content drafts to Décor Emporium for review and approval before posting on any platform.
Décor Emporium reserves the right to request edits or modifications to ensure alignment with brand guidelines.

Collaboration Period
– The collaboration period will be agreed upon by both parties. Any extensions or modifications must be mutually discussed and confirmed in writing.

– During the collaboration period, Collaborator agrees not to collaborate with or promote competing brands in the home decor industry without prior written consent from Décor Emporium.

– Compensation details, including payment terms, will be outlined in a separate agreement or discussion between Décor Emporium and Collaborator.

Intellectual Property
– All content created by Collaborator for the collaboration is the intellectual property of Décor Emporium. Collaborator grants Décor Emporium the right to use, reproduce, and distribute the content for promotional purposes.

– Collaborator agrees to keep confidential any information disclosed by Décor Emporium, including but not limited to business strategies, product plans, and collaboration details.

Décor Emporium reserves the right to terminate the collaboration at any time if Collaborator breaches any terms of this agreement or if the collaboration is deemed detrimental to the brand’s reputation.

Governing Law
– This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which Décor Emporium is based.

By entering into a collaboration with Décor Emporium, Collaborator acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions. Décor Emporium reserves the right to update or modify these terms at its discretion, with notice provided to Collaborator.